From flyers, leaflets and postcards to labels, brochures, book marks, calendars and magazines



Twilight - The Retirement Home For Dogs
One of my favourites associations in France, that love and care for elderly and disabled dogs in
a home environment. I donate my time and experience to produce Calendars every year for
fund-raising as well as flyers, leaflets and posters.


A3 Posters




Association CATS
Another of my favourite charities - catching, steralising and releasing ferals.
I design flyers to promote all their fundraising events and co-ordinate the production of their calendar.



EcoPower Europe
I regularly design new flyers and information sheets for EcoPower Europe when they want to promote a new product or initiative. I also design their adverts for Living Magazine, Etcetera and the Deux Sevres Monthly.




Exclusive Angling Holidays

A regular repeat customer, I first started working with Charlie when they decided to re-brand an existing business. First came the logo and then the website, swiftly followed by business cards, flyers and brochures.